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Lieu : Lamego, Arronches, Fundão e Coimbra, Portugal

samedi, avril 24, 2010

POST-HOMENAGEM AO BENFICA CAMPEÃO (Ya, há um gajo do Benfica neste blogue)

And you stare at me
In your Jorge Jesus Christ pose
Arms held out
Like you've been carrying a load
And you swear to me
You don't want to be my slave
But you're staring at me
Like I needed to be saved
In your Jorge Jesus Christ pose

Arms held out
In your Jorge Jesus Christ pose
Thorns and shroud
Like it's the coming of the Lord
And I swear to you
That I would never feed you pain
But you're staring at me
Like I'm driving the nails
In your Jorge Jesus Christ pose

And you stare at me
In your Jorge Jesus Christ pose
Thorns and shrouds
Like it's the coming of the Lord
Would it pay you more to walk on water
Than to wear a crown of thorns
It wouldn't pain me more to bury you rich
Than to bury you poor
In the Jorge Jesus Christ pose

Soundgarden, "Jorge Jesus Christ Pose"

(esta não é montagem Lepras...)

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